Welcome to Cabeceo Me, a Tango events calendar for the San Francisco / Bay Area!

Here’s a getting started guide as well as a reference to help you post events on cabeceo.me.

  1. Login or create an account
  2. Create a new event



Login or create an account

Log in to your account or register for a new account if you don’t have one.

Please use a secure password! The auto generated one is a good start.



Create a New Event

On the upper left side bar, hover over the Events section and select Add New.



Make recurring events

Recurring events are great for weekly and monthly events that well, reoccur.

You can repeat events weekly, monthly, the first of every month, etc.

On the Add New Event or Edit Event pages you have the option to set how your event repeats.

Make sure you set when the Series ends or your event will not repeat.

You can also make recurring events that aren’t regular.

Under Event Series, select the Once option and add events on random days of the year as needed.



Editing all or a single recurring event

Edit Series

Editing a recurring event will change all of the events for that time frame. This is typically what you want if all of your recurring events are the same.

To edit your recurring events go to your View Site to see your events in the Calendar View.

Select the recurring event that you’d like to update and select the Edit Event and then Edit Series to update the details for the entire series of recurrent events that you’ve previously added.



Edit Single / Break from series

If you want to edit just one event and “break” it out of the series of recurring events, you can do that too. Go to the View Site link to view the Calendar of all the events.

Select the event that you’d like to edit and click on Edit Event and select Break from Series.

That will separate that one event out of your recurring events and you can make changes to that one event only.

Now that event will be treated separately from the recurring events.